World Mission Society Church Of God Celebrates Mothers Day Cleaning-Up Mandela Drive. #BringingChange

PretoriaThe World Mission Society Church of God on Sunday celebrated Mother’s Day by volunteering to clean-up Mandela Drive with what they say exudes a mother’s heart. About 50 of the church members showed up in their green vests ready to clean the area.

The City of Tshwane provided the group with materials for picking up the litter and bags for disposing it. At the start of the event Mandela Drive looked to be a dumping site for the city as there was about everything that can be dumped, City official said a few words and the work was on the way.

According to the churches portfolio, the group is well recognized for their voluntary work in Old Age Homes; Clean-up Campaigns; Disaster Reliefs and Blood-Drives.  In June 2nd 2016 the church through their voluntary activities received the Queens Award, marked as the highest to be given to any volunteering groups in the UK.

Tsholofelo Modiga member of the church said,” When we think of mother, mother always sacrifices and does house chores for the family, in the same way the bible testifies about [our] Heavenly Mother.”

Karen Hill said that they decided to celebrate Mother’s Day like this so that they can spread the message of God the Father and God the Mother. “ In heaven there is God the Father; Children of God and God the Mother, that is why we serve others with the heart of Mother”, said Ms. Hill.

The group arrived in the early mornings on Sunday wearing their popular green vests and started chanting slogans amongst themselves and to the city officials. An official from the City of Tshwane said that the city started recognizing the World Mission Society Church of Gods efforts back in 2016 when they held a worldwide event to pick litter in cities around the world.

The group said they will continue to do their bit for society and anyone is more than welcome to join them. EBDaily News could not attain the number of bags collected from this event.

Post by: Humphrey Mokoena

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