SANCA Pretoria, Soshanguve and Hammanskraal marches against drug and substance abuse #SayNoToDrugs

SANCA hosted a march in commemoration of International Drug Awareness month #KeMojaWithoutDrugs

Pupils from different schools holding a banner 
June is not only a month where we celebrate youth day but also a number of awareness are done during this month. One of them being the International drug awareness. Soshanguve as well as neighboring communities continues leading the scoreboard when it comes to crime, drugs and substance abuse. It is the first township where "Bluetooth Nyaope" started and thus spread to other townships. SANCA, SAPS as well as other organisations and government departments have been hosting campaigns aimed at eradicating crime rate as well as drug abuse rate. The march is not their first one this year as they hosted an Anti-drug drive earlier in Mabopane (Tshwane) where most of the drug addicts were taken into rehabilitation centers for help. 

The South African National Council of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence in partnership with the Department of Social Development held an awareness campaign by marching from Nafcoc shopping complex to SANCA offices (Soshanguve). The march included children from different schools in Soshanguve. This was their way of encouraging youngsters not to become slaves of drugs and 
Pupils marching against drugs and substance abuse
Hendrick Lefoka, Office Manager of SANCA Soshanguve branch says that the reason why they decided to host this campaign and include pupils is because learners between the ages of 12-18 are very vulnerable to drugs and substance abuse as they tend to be facing peer pressure. Those who have started already put pressure on those who haven't to try drugs and alcohol out. It takes less than 30 seconds to destroy somebody's future but takes a lot of time to repair it ,He said.

 As part of encouraging pupils to stay away from drugs, they also invited local recovering addicts to tell their testimony. Lerato Maluleka, a recovering addict from Hammanskraal said she started with a normal cigarette and then moved onto dagga and before she knew it, she got addicted to Nyaope.
"I later got help from SANCA and ever-since then I have been clean for four years now"
Lerato said. 
Pupils holding placards in march against drug abuse
SANCA in collaboration with the department of Social Development aims to equip youngsters as well as youth in large with information on how to be better citizens of the country. Drugs and Alcohol abuse tarnishes the future as well as development of the country hence children need to be taught from an early age that drugs and alcohol are bad for one's future and health.
Children need to differentiate between good and bad friends. They must not be tricked into becoming addicts of drugs simply because they don't want to feel left out and old-fashioned.

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