January 26, 2021

Most preferred gadgets for 2018 – #EBTech

As technology improves vastly each day, it gets even harder to choose your preferred phone, gaming gadget, and other appliances.

Image by Techradar

2018 has new release that would help most people come to their decisions.

Mobile cellphones are the role players as they have created a lot of competition amongst the manufacturers.

Meanwhile, there is a growing need for smartphones usage day-by-day.

Users also have different preferences; to some, the best phone is weighed by camera quality, meanwhile, some would argue that batteries, size, and multiple features are a necessity.

Here are some of the gadgets to consider in 2018.

1. The Samsung S9 and S9+

Image by PopularMechanics

The new gadget comes with an upgraded front facing and back camera; exceptional sound quality,  and  emojis that are more similar to those of Apple phones.

2. LG V30

Image by PopularMechanics

The newly released LG features an ultra HD OLED display, snapdragon 835 processor and more improved camera.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Image by PopularMechanics

The new best selling  Galaxy Note 8 recently had people going crazy because of its slim body; one of the best AMOLED display; large screen size and comes with a little stylish pen.

In Audio Devices

Wireless smart  speakers have become a ‘thing’ this season.

Service providers have noticed the rapid sales on these speakers and then decided to invent more, improved and better wireless smart speakers.

The Sonos One

Image by PopularMechanics

The speaker stands out from the rest currently. It supports both Siri and Google Assistant Intergartion. It produces a much clearer and richer sound.

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