January 27, 2021

Beautiful and youthful skin with every bite #Healthtips

We have a surprise!

Ladies, look great, makeup free here is how.
by Rumbidzai Mukori
Women’s Day is around the corner, as a way of celebrating we will be looking at how to spend less on your facial products, skin cleansers, makeup and other products for making your skin look youthful and glowing by simply making sure you eat and drink right. Facials are definitely good business as millions are spent annually on products to make the face look young for as long as possible!
Instead of spending lots of money, here are some ways to keep people guessing your age!! It works for me, I’m sure it will for you! Here are my Top 5 secrets for looking younger than your age..makeup or without!
  1. Sugary beverages are best diluted or not taken at all
Did you know that sugar is best hidden in our favorite beverages, as sweeteners and adding flavor!! It’s definitely cheap to add and used by Food industry to keep customers coming back. Which is why, there are either very few or no beverages man made which has no sugar. Sugar as you know causes pimples, rashes and outbreaks on your beautiful skin.
Best way to avoid this is by diluting juices, fizzy drinks, alcohol and other beverages with ¼ glass water or tonic water in ¾ glass juice. This goes for all sweet beverages except sugarless tea of course!
2. Natural Yogurt is a MUST on your budget
For only 10 Rands or less, Unsweetened Natural Yogurt is the best smooth complexion, anti wrinkle food you can enjoy, without worrying about your pocket too much. Best eaten chilled of course, with fruits, or as part of your Breakfast. Yogurt is a great way to start off the day, or take as a snack when you feel like something Milky.
The high protein content helps keep collagen away, which is why its such an amazing Anti Wrinkle food, on a budget. If Icecream is a favorite for some of us,sugar and will do no good to your face as you know. If you can’t do without, for every scoop of Ice Cream, add 50ml Natural Yogurt to make sure you get the benefits of yogurt too.
3. Chew your Walnuts and Sunflower Seeds for protection from harsh weather
Fruit & Vegetable lovers know that seeds and nuts are one of the foods we need more of, the markets always have a section for these two. Walnuts and Sunflower seeds, loaded with the oils you buy in topical cream form. Ladies, you know I’m talking about Vitamin E!! Not only essential for protecting your skin from sunburn, harsh temperatures and brightens it without applying a single thing. Coupled with Walnuts, you have the best for that complexion you desire so much. A handful a day, will do wonders for your complexion, head to toe. That I promise you.
Vitamin C is so important for keeping flu bugs away in Winter, yet in the rainy season by enjoying fruits high in these vitamins, you can have more than just a high immunity against disease. Vitamin C is essential for your skin,
4. 70% Cacoa and above, will keep you glowing
Dark Chocolate, with higher % of Cacoa is a secret for glowing skin that dermatologists can vouch for. A few squares daily is what you need, to keep your youthful skin glowing because of its high levels of antioxidants, eat alone or melt a bit and apply to any areas of your face that are puffy, as part of cleansing process before washing off and applying moisturiser for the day. As simple as that!
5. Slow down please, and enjoy your life
Rushing through life,is a norm for us and something we have come to accept as a norm. Yet it does more harm than good, in so many ways, without us realising it. Rushing releases a hormone that triggers your body for Fighting or running away, common in old days for helping people run from wild animals. In 21st century, we are running on this hormone, with no danger in sight. Instead of having beautiful skin, our body thinks there is danger and we automatically switch on stress receptors in our body. Which cause outbreaks, dry skin, acne, tired face, puffy eyes all by rushing through life.
Mindfulness is a practice, we can benefit from, and the more you practice, better you become and less stressed you will feel.
Simple ways such as slowing down when you walk, waking up 5 minutes earlier, timing yourself so you know how much time to do certain tasks like bathing, getting ready for the day etc. Listening to slow music day end, Caffeine free 2 hours before bed, eating seated instead of standing and breathing from your stomach can do more good for your face than any serum, makeup concealer or powder. For FREE!!
Lots of love and remember to drink more water, kkk..number 1 is more than just avoiding sugary beverages, its a smart way of telling you to drink WATER!!
And gentleman, next week, its your turn too especially if your using Weights for that Six Pack, “5 simple Diet Hacks to get that 6 pack on a budget!!” No gender Bias..kk

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