January 26, 2021


We fought the ‘apartheid’ system for a democratic country. For equal opportunity and education. Still, the rich are getting ‘richer’ and the poor are getting ‘poorer’.

This morning I had a disagreement with my partner. He was making a statement that the so called ‘coloured’ are the worst when it comes to alcoholism.

In the past, the farmers paid their workers after labouring for the whole week – a few bottles of cheap wine and a few rands. Most of these farmhands have families to provide for. The cost of living is so high but cheap booze is easily available.

The farmers create this vicious cycle of oppression then sit in judgement and say look at these people . They have no ‘vision’ nor future. Farm schools only have limited education and most families can’t afford to send their kids to the city to further their education.

In the present democratic South Africa, we don’t feature when we apply for bursaries or employment. We fought for equal rights but still inequality is still rearing its ugly head in all areas of our rainbow nation.

The colour of my skin does not define who I am,

Last I checked, all different colours made a perfect rainbow. When are we going to see each other as fellow brothers/sisters and fellow human beings? The colour of my skin does not define who I am. Just like you, I want a nice home in a safe neighborhood; provide for my family and give them a good education; be involved to uplift my community and receive quality health care and have a voice in decision-making in the running of this country.

Every decision made in parliament affects ‘the man in the street’. When  we were fighting for freedom, we had a charter that said ‘The people shall govern’. Yet, we face a present post-apartheid South Africa where the people’s voices are not heard.

Politicians are corrupted and above the law. Criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens. Our youth are angry and frustrated, ravaged by unemployment. In most families, sons are raised by single mothers and absent fathers. They find their identity by joining a gang that they feel accepts them as family. In order to remain in the gang they have to proof their loyalty by turning to illegal activities. Our youth are the future. We as parents and leaders must lay the right foundation now and stop shifting blame.

We need to acknowledge the past and learn from it, and not use it as a weapon to stir up more hatred and divisions,

United we can overcome all the wrongs of the past. We need to acknowledge the past and learn from it, and not use it as a weapon to stir up more hatred and divisions. This is a beautiful and rich country. Our wealth is its people. We have the best hospitals and strong economy that attracts investors. We can have it all again if we see each other as united people not a ‘race’.

By Dulecia Lunde.

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