January 26, 2021

[Voices] Water Crisis Is Not A New Predicament

Opposition parties are no longer interested in the water crisis that is happening in Cape Town because of corruption that is taking place in DA.

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The NFP’s Shaike Emam support the EFF when they say white people stole black people’s land and he adds on his that statement by saying the EFF forgot to tell the naked truth about water; white people didn’t only steal black people’s land but also stole water from them.

In 1956 the apartheid government passed a law in the parliament to take water and divert it from the poor to the rich. Many of the people in the parliament today were part of the corruption of the ‘state capture’ during apartheid.

The water crisis can be people’s own doing at some point. The city of Cape Town and WesternCape has the poor of management, people in this city misuse water and know that they will have full attention from the movement on themselves because the DA president Musi Maimane has too much to say while he is busy contradicting himself together with his team; they keep on telling people that ‘Day Zero’ will arrive in a week if not a month but changed all this and said day zero will arrive in 2019, which you can tell that this has no truth in it.

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All the provinces have water crisis but they are working on it silently. EFF president Julius Malema once said that there is nothing special about Cape Town, so there is no need for people to pay full attention to them.

As much as Cape Town is led by DA let them tangle the matter in their own way and not make it everyone’s problem. The people of Cape Town chose to be led by the DAs let their votes not go to vein, is time for DA to deliver their promises to their people. This issue has nothing to do with the ruling party nor the parliament.

By Lucertia Ndivho Maremeni

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