January 25, 2021

Gentlemen it’s your time to get that muscular body. Here’s how.

As a man you want to look strong, muscular and bulky and it’s easy to understand, how some men are so obsessed with getting that flat abs, Six packs for some and of course. Isn’t this the reason why so many spend hours on end, in the Heavy Weights section lifting weights of different kgs? It definitely is something most men desire and the latest researches can vouch for me too, from World’s top Fitness coaches and Men’s Health Gurus.

Yet are you aware of the cost of attaining the six packs or flat abs you desire and are working hard to attain? Please note gentlemen, it’s more than just a few hours of weight lifting, crunches, eating raw eggs or protein shakes. There are a few factors that are crucial for you to consider, so you don’t become discouraged or disappointed when your Protein Shakes and Weight Lifting sessions results are not visible with that 6 pack!!

Let’s start with a few questions to see if you’re on the right track to that six pack:

Naturally, your parents are small in structure and have very little fat. (Hmm, not common with African genes, although they can be found). 

Six Packs or Flat Abs, Find out what you qualify for!!

Can tolerate fat-free meat with no or little fat, steamed vegetables, plain starchy vegetables- Rice, Potatoes, Pumpkin and Butternuts in small portions and with no extra toppings like sauce. (All must be measured before you eat and you may feel hungry afterwards, as a bonus!)

Not spending as much time with your friends hanging out at Parties or Braais and munching or drinking away. (Alcoholic or sugary beverages is a BIG no no for you as it causes belly fat).

More than or equal to 10 hours Workouts per week, Inclusive of Cardios, Abs and Weight Lifting on a semi-starvation Diet plan. 

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Patience especially in the last few months, as your body, sheds off the extra fat so that your six-pack shows nicely and clearly.

Loss of fat in areas you weren’t aiming for, the face may look thinner and waist size will definitely be smaller. Be prepared for people to ask you why you look thin or sullen faced, unfortunately.

It’s a lifestyle and not just a once off event, once you start eating and living in a specific way, with reduced calories and extremities of workouts it can become hard to just shake it off like that.

A few rands more for the extra hours at the gym, working with a Fitness Instructor and Personal Nutritionist to keep you on track is essential for helping you get there. It would be a bit more than the normal gym subscription you usually pay.

Despite all that I have said, it’s important to realise that as highlighted before, I understand how important it is for men and so, in case you may not qualify or are not ready to take this big leap. Here are some ways to make sure your diet plan helps you attain and keep a flat abs with your daily workout.

Proteins are your friend at every meal, not just at lunch and Supper. These can be found in Eggs, Beans anything NOT Baked Beans kkk), Lean Beef or Chicken (Skinless) at least 1 piece with your meal or Toast.

Check the ingredients list on your favourite snacks, Breakfast Cereals and Protein Supplements for your shake. The shorter it is, more nods from Nutritionists to eat or drink as your pre or post workout snack to refuel your muscles. Longer the list is, the more Chemicals and less Nutrients to feed your muscles.

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Anything whole will benefit you in more ways than one. Fruits will not only give you carbohydrates or energy, but feed other organs of your body that keep you going during workouts and ensure you are not just strong, but fit and healthy too.

Salads are not just for Ladies but should be included in your meal too. Swop it for Fries or Starches (Rice, Sadza or Pasta) and enjoy at least twice a day for helping to breakdown the muscle building foods you will be eaten in larger quantities.

Spice up your meals with Herbs, Spices and other Natural Flavorings instead of reaching for sauces to marinate your meats at Braais. Make your own with Spices, Herbs, Lemon Juice, Olive oil and dash of Black Pepper. Dress your salads with natural Yogurt and avoid adding Mayonnaise to every Salad you eat.

The list definitely can go on and on, but for now, I hope you have a better understanding of what foods to eat more of and how to determine if Six Packs are something you can work towards as of now.

by Rumbidzai Mukori on 22 March 2018.

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