January 20, 2021

Weight Loss Simplified

Are you doing this and not aware, its stopping you from attaining your weight loss plan?
by Rumbidzai Mukori on April 2018
“I want to lose weight.”
“I feel fat”
“I just want that flat belly, so i can wear whatever I want.”
“Hmmm, I don’t like the way I look.”
These are some of the thoughts, that I used to have playing in my head for a very long time and some of them were spoken out loud to close friends or family members. It was like this for a very long time, when I was struggling with my weight to attain the so called, “Perfect Body figure”. I remember trying different diets and going on extreme starvation or eating sprees as I watched the numbers on the scale swinging from very high to very low…the yo-yo dieter as we know it, was my speciality and hobby.
Despite the fact that diets I was following were  either too hard to follow, not affordable for my pocket, difficult to prepare, not feasible with my daily lifestyle. Sometimes the foods were not available locally and had never heard of some of them before. I was determined as ever to get the “Perfect body figure.” Yet despite my hard efforts, I kept failing to lose weight and keep it off. This cycle continued, until I came to understood what weight loss was really all about,why the perfect body figure actually doesn’t exist and how I could keep my weight in a healthy range without starvation.
I will highlight briefly on some secrets of the Nutrition trade, that changed it all for me as I demystify the myths that we have come to believe are true, so you don’t get caught in the web of Nutrition confusion like so many.
  1. “Carbs are your enemies and cause weight gain.”
Truth: Carbohydrates come in different forms and you need them for your body to function properly, starting from your brain and going down. Cutting out Carbs is not recommended for anyone, except the Epileptic patients who can’t tolerate the Carbs at all. By cutting out Carbs completely, you set your body up for getting energy from your muscles, causing muscle loss at a young age and cravings that make you eat unhealthy foods, you know are best avoided.
Opt for Brown grains – Rice, Sadza re Mhunga, Zviyo, Pasta and Breads and Oats. 1 serving during day if you are on a low Carbs diet.
  1. Fats make you fat”.
Truth: Fats are two types, the healthy ones and bad ones. Healthy ones help to keep the body working well, so that foods you eat are used up as anergy and not stored in the body. But just because they are fats, doesnt mean you can eat them in large quantities..kkk. A little bit is enough for you at one serving.
  • 1-2 Handfuls of nuts and not the whole plate
  • ½ large avocado and not the full avocado one
  • 1 teaspoon Ollive oil and not a Tablespoon
These are some of the healthy fats that your body needs, in small quantities but just enough for making sure that you are using the food you eat for energy and not storage as fat.
3. Banting, is the best way to lose weight and keep it off
Truth: Banting (High fats and proteins) has become the most popular Diet plan, for others it has done the trick, yet for some its not producing noticeable results. Banting, doesn’t work for everyone and is a way of ensuring that the body uses up fats for energy, so you can lose extra weight. The only challenge most people face, is that in Zimbabwe and Africa we have very limited sources of the healthy fats, and if they are available, are very expensive.
Not user friendly for some of us, who like working with a ‘strictish’ budget when it comes to my monthly expenses. So truth be told, making this a lifestyle may be very difficult for some of us.
Opt for eating more whole foods  like Vegetables with healthy fats. A simple dish like * * *
  • Lettuce and sprinkle of nuts with avocado slices
  • Muriwo/Tsunga with peanut Butter and drizzle of olive oil
  • Fruit salad and avocado slices with nuts sprinkle.
Are just a few dishes you can enjoy as part of your everyday meals, to get the results you want.
4. Fruit Juices, 100% are better than Fizzy Drinks
Whoever came up with this one, must have been advertising their brand in some way. I used to believe this for a long time, upto the day I read how much sugar was in the 100% Fruit Juice and heard the complaint from my mum that she was getting fatter by the day.
That’s the day, I started diluting my 100% juices or asking for water instead. Beverages are the easiest ways to hide sugar and contributor to majority of weight gain, fat and Non Communicable Diseases.  300ml Fruit Juice has close to 8 teaspoons of sugar, which is 1 teaspoon less than 300ml Fizzy Drinks. So not much of a difference, if you look at it.
5. Skipping breakfast can help you lose weight
Truth: Breakfast is most important meal of day, as it breaks the cycle of the body telling you to hold onto fat instead of using it up. This instruction is so simple, but one that can cause a whole lot of problems in the long run if not corrected. Remember back in the olden days, how the Desert men would have small bellies due to starvation, this belly was caused as a way of the body storing up energy as fat for using in times when food was scarce, for energy. This gave them energy to keep moving, in the times of extreme hunger. Food is readily available for many of us and the main reason of skipping, is because we woke up late or didn’t get time to make a meal. All these excuses are not worth it, especially if you are a lady as skipping this meal increases chance of getting Diabetes by 55%.
Breakfast must be anything that can give your body energy, simple as Fruit, Bread and avocado, Oats, Millet Porridge etc. it can even be heavy like Sadza, meat and vegetables. Eating something is a good way to start eating towards a healthier you.

Weight loss is easier, when you understand that its not about following the Diet fads, but eating the RIGHT WAY!!

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