January 20, 2021

Over-sized puffers: Back and definitely making a statement in the spheres of street fashion.

It is unbearably cold in Johannesburg, so you might want to listen on. Over-sized coats/Jackets or puffer jackets have definitely taken over street-wear fashion trends and also winter runway fashion.

Winter Jackets, Picture by Aliexpress.com

The influence of the trend is evident in the collection of some powerful fashion brands like Yeezy, Balenciaga and Raf Simmons. The trend has also been very much in hip hop music videos globally and locally. Artists like Travis Scott, Nomuzi Mabena and Pretoria native, A-Reece have successfully rocked the trend.
‘Apparently, it’s from the 80s’, I overheard some girls say whilst I was eavesdropping. It’s true I’m dominated the 80s, but more importantly for us in 2018 is that the trend is back and in a big way, excuse the pun.
In actual fact, the trend made its return during the fall of 2016 but back then it only belonged to the cool kids of street wear fashion, until influencers like Rihanna and Asap Rocky started rocking them that’s when the trend really caught on. Rihanna has really owned this look, rocking these oversized coats since back in 2014 Already. Harper’s Bazaar magazine reports that Belgian fashion designer Raf Simmons’ uber-sized coat sold out in just two weeks after Rihanna wore a similar look. Following this hype, brands Balenciaga soon followed suit with similar designs for what they called the ‘Balenciaga Swing Puffer jacket’ which impressively sold out in their 1200 retail platforms.
Oversized puffer jackets have been a mainstay of the fashion world since as early as the 1930s. Three moments in history are particularly important when analyzing the history and rise to prominence for puffer jackets. In the world of fashion, puffer jackets originated in the year 1936 when British-American designer Eddie Bauer invented the first puffer jacket. The jacket has now found permanent residence at the London’s Victoria and Albert museum.
Puma Over-sized Puffer 
In the early 1970s Norma Kamali designed the sleeping bag coat which then went on to be a huge trend with the youth of Milan a decade later. She started off using actual sleeping bags weirdly enough but then she evolved her designs to using two jackets and stitching them together.  
If you are a hip-hop fan like myself, then one is well aware of how popular oversized jackets went on to be in the early 90’s amongst New York rappers like Mase, P-Diddy and Jay Z. It comes as no surprise therefore that this trend has made its come back as this has been the case with a lot more trends in the world of fashion. The 80s and 90s where a special era for style and culture as a whole. Moreover, the nostalgia for this period has had a huge presence on fashion in the last 10 years.

The more fashion changes the more it stays the same. When one looks at fashion trends that dominate runway fashion as well as street fashion. one sees that it is retro trends which have slowly made its way back into the fold, proving that fashion is indeed an ever-evolving cycle.

By Ayanda Mbhele

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