January 20, 2021

Dj Zinhle want to write a new book.

Dj is one of the most influential women in South African Entertainment industry. She’s a dj, business women, and now, she wants to write a new book that will inspire other women to be their own bosses.
DJ  Zinhle has often spoken about how reading empowers her and helps her grow as an individual. And now she’s giving back and will be releasing her own motivational book aimed at African women.
In a recent interview, the beauty opened up about writing a book, ” I’m releasing a book on the first of June – it’s gonna be available at CNA stores – it’s a self-help book for women, I co-wrote it with Nokubonga Mbanga we decided let’s rather write a book that can help women from wherever they are, and it’s written with the understanding of the African voice, African women, what we go through, like the pressure to get married…and it’s just also from our own experiences, crises, distress…
Whatever we’ve gone through…it’s a motivational book for specifically targeting women – I’m not saying men can’t read it – and it’s called Meeting your Power .”
Called Meeting Your Power, Zinhle told Dennis Ngango the book will be released on June 1.She said that the idea is to help women.
DJ Zinhle is one of our favourite media personalities, the beauty has been in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years and she is still one of the biggest names in South Africa. Not only is she an entertainer, she is also a businesswoman with several businesses.
“It’s written with the understanding of the African and South African voice – the African women and what she goes through.”
Zinhle said she believes in helping other people and this is her way of giving back.
“If helping other people doesn’t take anything away from you, you should definitely do it. If I’m given the opportunity to help people and I can, it’s a great investment. Even for myself, because it helps me grow.”
Zinhle said that she often reads to balance herself and get away from the noise. She said that it helps her to get a different perspective and she hopes to do the same.

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