January 19, 2021

Saglotech: Web Design Johannesburg Company

Saglotech is still the most reliable service provider for web services including web design, graphics, and branding around Johannesburg.

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Today’s world is going digital in every aspect and that puts many people’s careers and businesses at risk. Many businesses have failed to keep up with the fast-growing pace of the digital world and end up closing shop as a direct result of failing to know their target, competition and using ineffective advertising platforms.

Why Digital?

According to a report by TechCrunch, there are currently 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, with an estimation of 6.1 billion smartphone users in 2020. Well, that’s just 2 years and few months from today. There is an astounding growth of Internet users every day, both in desktop and largely in mobiles. The world is going digital and so should your business be in order to survive.

As everyone is moving online, businesses are now considering building their profiles and advertising online more than before. In 2015 alone, Google AdSense paid almost $10B to online publishers, the amount made through business advertising online through AdWords. This alone advocates that online advertising is the ‘in thing’ lately.

If your business is not currently found online, through search engines and web crawlers, you will definitely have to reconsider that. Most users believe that if your business is not available online, or not found in web directories, it is probably a scam or does not exist. The new way of communicating with customers is meeting them where they are – online. A mere Twitter and Facebook account can help add your brand’s reputation in today’s world.

Good news, startups like Saglotech web design offers services that propel businesses to be found online, through a business website, social media management services, business online identity and digital marketing. This is a good option if you are in South Africa.

Why Saglotech?

Saglotech is ran and managed by young people, who understands the digital means of communications and the fast-growing technologies. This means your brand will be well presented on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook pages and Linkedin.

This digital agency offers services on once off payments plan and annual recurring, which means you will not stress about monthly payments and debit orders.

“We have designed over 30 business websites in different sectors from small businesses, startups and well-established businesses, and the positive feedback they give is what keeps us going”, says Thamaga Pono, Marketing manager at Saglotech.

“Our services are found and accessible online from every location, yet our area of emphasis is in South Africa”

In conclusion, Saglotech web design can help your business to reach its clients online. Whether you are searching for web design Germiston, web design Johannesburg or web design Kempton Park, Saglotech could help you get the professional website your business needs.

You could reach Saglotech email at Info@saglotech.co.za, website https://www.saglotech.co.za or by call at 0813199599. On digital platforms, Saglotech web design is on Twitter @saglotech, and on Facebook @SaglotechZA. Get started today with Saglotech It Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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