January 19, 2021

Teacher faces disciplinary hearing for hitting a learner

By Tumelo Sefatsa

SEBOKENG – A teacher from Katleho-Impumelelo Secondary School in zone11 Sebokeng is currently undergoing a disciplinary hearing for allegedly hitting one of her learners in August 2018. 

According to the learner, *Papi Mobudi (16), the teacher had told the entire class to keep quiet and write their notes on the day. “I turned around around to ask for a ruler from one of my classmates, the teacher saw me and she was not happy about that.
She told me to lie on the table and hit me three times on the back of my neck with her hand. She wanted to do the same with other students I borrowed the ruler from but they refused so she just hit them on the back instead.” 
Papi says the teacher further gave him a letter to bring his mother to school the following day. 
“Later that day, my neck started getting swollen and I went straight to bed when I got home,” said Papi. 
The mother, *Dimpho Mabudi (39) says she got home from work and found her son sleeping. “I met with the deputy principal and the teacher, she admitted to hitting him and gave us money for the Doctor.” The mother says she did not seem to care about the implications of what she had done. 
Dimpho is desparatley asking for help before the matter gets worse as she us not in a financial position to get proper treatment for him. 

Please note that names used are not the Victim’s real names.

(Image: Facebook)

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