January 25, 2021

Scholar bus driver attacked by pupil while driving

By Tumelo Sefatsa

MPUMALANGA – A pupil put the lives of schoolkids at risk when he physically assaulted a bus driver while the vehicle was in motion.

An unsettling assault video has been making the rounds on social media, showing a pupil from Mpumalanga physically assaulting a bus driver while the vehicle was still in motion.

The 30-second video clip shows the schoolboy in uniform standing beside the driver of a packed bus. The driver cautioned the boy to move away, instead, he started punching the driver, causing many of the kids to scream in fear in the background. At one point he even gets on top of the driver.

It is alleged that the education department’s Elijah Mhlanga shared the video on his Twitter account.

Check out the video below

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