January 17, 2021

[Voices] Prepare to become obsolete

Twisted Metal

By Warren Lee nair

These days you don’t have to go out to the cinema or rent an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie to get your fix of science-fiction, a few minutes spent on YouTube watching the latest, real life humanoid robot videos will surely amaze and terrify you all at once. The point which I am trying to make is the fact that artificially intelligent machines are very real, and they will be among us in the next year or two.

I have already seen these machines running, leaping over obstacles, and even flipping over 360 degrees; all accomplished without the direction of an operator. It is apparent that these machines are able to act out of their own ‘programmed free will’.
Amazing right?!
If you are shaking your head right now then you will probably agree that this time, things have gone quite out of control in the world of science and technology.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to imply that robots are going to suddenly overthrow multiple governments and take over the world (although there is always a possibility) the bigger picture here is the fact that robots are going to be taking over your job.

If a robot can build an entire house in two days (there’s video evidence to prove it) why would an employer hire ten people to do it over two months?! It simply does not make financial sense even though the purchase of an artificially intelligent machine would, as one would expect, be quite costly, the prospect of saving millions in the long run is an extremely attractive certainty.

To be totally honest, the use of A.I is fantastic in certain real-life scenarios – in terms of our personal hand-held gadgets, business security, and space exploration. There are also pre-programmed robots which are used to build vehicles, and operator driven robots which are used to diffuse bombs, and collect samples of magma rock from near the mouths of active volcanoes for scientific studies. There is a great need for these machines in dangerous and practical areas, but it would not be wise to go too far when expanding usage for real world applications.

Bottom line: A.I machinery will force many people out of their jobs; by serving food in restaurants, building or renovating structures, manufacturing home appliances and hi-tech gadgets. It won’t be long until self-sacrificing soldiers are also replaced since the Russian government has already built an A.I robot that is able to accurately fire a weapon.

Millions will be left jobless, homeless, and penny-less because most positions will be filled with so-called efficient, intelligent, cost effective machines that never take a lunch break, get sick, or go home to their loving families at the end of the day. Greed and the fascination at our own ingenuity is driving many to act callously and destroying the human race in the process. The world can definitely do without this kind of technology, while the money and resources that are being utilised could help save our dying planet.

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