January 26, 2021

Exclusive: Getting to know Thabo Rakhale

By Tumelo Sefatsa

Known for his trickery and showboating skills, Thabo Rakhale terrorized many from his early stages of football. Tumelo Sefatsa caught up with him to interview him about his Career and Personal Lifestyle.

Tumelo Sefatsa: Which team did you support when you were growing up? And what is it that you loved about this particular team?

Thabo RakhaleI grew up supporting Orlando Pirates Football Club simply because my father was also a die hard fan, what made me fall inlove with it more was the fact that he used to take me to the stadium to watch them play, especially during derbies.

TS: Which sports icon influenced you the most when growing up and what did you learn from this person?

TR: I had two, the first one was Steve Lekoelea, He used to make fans happy, but one thing i liked about him was that i grew up watching him play in the same team i played at when i started playin at the age of seven and he never changed how he plays, seeing him on tv also was more of an inspiration and it made me want to be like him.

The second one was Ronaldinho, from him I learned that through your strength you can go places as long as you are dedicated and have the will to get there.

TS: Who is your best friend in football?
TR: I have many to mention, but from my current club it is Buyelani Sali and veli Mothwa.

TS: What are your personal goals for your current club? And do you believe you have successfully met them so far?

TR: Well, For a team like Chippa United one can’t set higher goals, the only thing i wanted was to get a regular game time and yes, so far i am on the right track.

TS: Football players follow strict training and dietary routines, but, when you get a chance to break away from that, what do you enjoy eating?

TR: I don’t have any specific meal i enjoy, (laughs) the most important thing is to be full.

TS: How do you relax away from football? Any hobbies?
TR: I am fond with malls, i go there any chance i get or going to the beach but apart from that, i keep my mind away from football by reading books.

TS: What kind of music do you listen to?
TR: I am a big fan of deep house music but one thing people dont know is that RnB/Soul is my first priority.

TSWhat is your favourite movie?
TR: 3 Idiots.

TS: Do you have any short term goals currently?
TR: Yes, to help Chippa United maintain their status then get a move to another team.

TS: On that note, is there any team you are looking at? Or perhaps are you in talks with any team?

TR: (Laughs) well, there are teams i am looking at (but i can’t disclose their names) and they also had interest in me during the last transfer window, so for now what i have to do is focus where i am and leave everything to God.

TS: Is Thabo Rakhale married, single or planning to get married soon?
TR: (Laughs) Thabo Rakhale will get married in the near future.

TS: Well, that’s it. Thank you very much for your time, enjoy the rest of your evening and all the best going forward.

TR: Thank you.

Photo Credit: KickOff magazine

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