January 28, 2021

[Voices] Crime getting out of control

By Barbara Luvhengo

Recently on the news I heard of a guy who burned his girlfriend of two months to death, with petrol.

It is really heartbreaking and terrifying to hear something so horrible about a human being and it’s even worse because the victim is a fellow woman.this incident is just one of the many we hear each day on the news and our communities.

Hijacking, Robbery,Rape,theft,assault, ATM bombing etc,the rates are just getting out of control. I really think that the Department of correctional services isnt doing enough to correct these criminals.

I mean people are literally getting away with murder, its like we are so used to crime these days,apparently its not a big deal.another person murdered, raped,hijacked,assaulted and they are just turned into a statistics. The light/short sentences that the judges are dishing out are just ridiculous.

Too many rights for the inmates if you ask me.the inmates are being treated so well by our government its like they are on vacation or something,because some have televisions in their cells,smartphones and active on social media.and as communities we wonder why the criminals never change and redeem themselves,they are just too comfortable in prisons.

I guess the more money you have as a prisoner, the more comfortable you will be,just like a hotel.I’m not saying that they should beat them up or anything, but they should take away some privileges to make prison a little harder, then maybe they might learn they lesson.

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