January 27, 2021

Watch: Gigaba ridicule EFF’s Ndlozi Pinky Size

Contrary to what you could’ve imagined, after Gigaba’s video that circulated a week ago, the minister did not lay-low to defend himself in Parliament. Instead, when EFF’s Ndlozi brought up the topic, the minister was caught on camera waving ‘pinky’ finger to Mbuiseni Ndlozi.

Screenshot of Gigaba in Parliament waving his Pinky finger 

The waving little finger is normally a gesture to ridicule small size of a male’s manhood. This was after Mbuiseni Ndlozi suggested to the president that ministers should be given cellphones without cameras that cannot be hacked, in reference to Gigaba’s recent incident which had his manhood trending on the internet and social media. The minister vividly apologized for that incident and mentioned that his cellphone was hacked, and that his legal team are working on the matter.

Watch The Video Below

Update: The minister apologized for the ‘incident’, through a tweet that read:

I apologise, unreservedly, for this gesture. The petty taunts that provoked it and the strain I have been taking, over the past 10 days, are no excuse for my indiscretion which is perfectly summed-up in this tweet by @SpheDludla.

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