January 23, 2021

[Voices] Overcoming your success

By Warren Lee Nair

Stepping stone

Once you each your goal, and attain the success you have been so desperately working towards, what do you then do? Do you sit back basking in the glory of your greatness as your head grows three times larger than your achievement? The short answer is no. There is always something greater to accomplish, more to learn, and others who need your help.

The truth is that we all do not ned to follow a formula of 1 life = 1 goal. If you have come to a point where you have e finally reached success through hard work, faith and a never say die attitude then I wish you congratulations. Now go out in to the world and set a bigger goal; a journey doesn’t end at the first reward.

Some people will argue that they are too tired, while others may say that they are more than happy with their accomplishments, but the reality is that six months down the line you will already be last year’s news, and then surely become frustrated with a growing craving for future accomplishment. Before falling in to a slump, allowing your ego to grow, and your talents become rusty make it a point to find your next challenge. What most don’t realise is that all the events leading up to your position right now have been preparing and strengthening you for an even more rewarding struggle ahead. It’s your responsibility to grab it with both hands.

Experienced mountain climbers will tell you that they had to first conquer Kilimanjaro before attempting to reach the summit of Everest. Successful footballers all have stories of the struggle and the hard work required in order to be included in the junior leagues before even dreaming of the opportunity to win gold. Don’t stop. Allow your awards, titles, and celebrity to become a stepping stone. Let those things be a lesson in success, and a driving force.

Lastly, open your eyes to the people in your family, community, and city who need your help. Mentor those who are chasing their own dreams, give to those who do not have for themselves, create employment where you can, and fight the good fight of equality for all. Helping others will bring you more joy than all the trophies in the world. As former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once said ‘If not us, then who? If not now, then when?’

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