January 17, 2021

Watch: Riky Ricky explains why Cassper was not on the #CottonFest2019 lineup

Pic: cassper Nyovest/ Instagram

By Thabiso M

South African Rapper, Riky Rick has openly spoken why Cassper Nyovest was not included on the #CottonFest2019 Lineup.

During an interview with  Slikour on Slikour Online Riky Rick was asked Why he did not include Mufasa in the lineup considering their brotherhood. His response was: “Sometimes the situation doesn’t feel right…I’m the type of person who wants to do stuff that is real, I’ve been going through a lot of stuff for the past 12 months and it woke me to like sh** got to be real”.

“It can just be about equity trading. I don’t want any more relationships that are based on tit for tat… Some stories needs to stay in the streets and they will always stay inthe streets but some things not for the public consumption.

King Kotini further stated that there is no beef between him and Cassper but outlined that he learnt not to mix business with personal affairs.

“I’m keeping personal relationships personal and I’m keeping business relationships, business, if something doesn’t work out, it’s not personal.

“I would love real friendships now, and I would like my friendships not to be mixed with what we do on the business side”.

Watch full vid Here

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