January 28, 2021

Papa Penny excited for his 25th child

By Staff Reporter

Reality TV star Papa Penny and his wife are soon going to welcome their second unborn child.

The expected son will be Papa Penny’s 25th child.

The musician took to social media this week to announce the news. On post he also revealed that they have already chosen a name for their child.

“He is child number 25. We are expecting a baby boy and his name is Penny Penny. Yes, it is my nickname but I have made something great out of and I’ve always wanted to see it on an ID. So now my son will have that name,” the post read.

He further stated that he will still have more kids in future.

“I’m very happy. This also shows that I’m still energetic. It is great because I still want so many children. I’m grateful to my wife because we share the same goal. She wants to make me a village as well. We can’t wait for his arrival. My wife is almost eight months now.”

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