January 20, 2021

Autum Winter Trends 2019

By Fisiwe Zondi 

Winter has befall us and an exemption from its chilly weather is
unfortunately not one we can opt for.
As we transit from showing skin off
to covering up, here are some trends to incorporate in ensuring that this
transition is not one which is exclusive of style, chic and class.

Designers have utilised certain wording through which the origin of some
winter trends emerge. The idea of clothing as an “armour” was introduced
amidst these discussions and manifested through leather dresses and
head-to-toe animal prints.


As daunting as embracing the animal print trend to its entirety may be, why
not rise to the dare and put on the “armour”? The animal prints range from
leopard – ocelot, zebra – tiger, wild stripes and spots.


Winter’s mostly harsh and chilly weather requires heavy and multi-layered
clothing but on days when its leniency is afforded to us, sheer socks are a
perfect addition to an outfit. Light weight and comfortable, they not only
let feet breathe but transform even the basic shoes to a fashion statement.

A couple of trends which were previously summer-season specific are now
also relevant in winter, this is most evident in the integration of
bold/bright colours, statement earrings and floral designs into winter.


Dark and dull colours were a first preference throughout this cold season
in the past but bold and bright colours have however through the fissures
of time become accustomed to it — with the colour red at the top of the
2019 winter trend list.


Statement earrings as, “earrings which invite attention from others by
demonstrating bold, original, and unique designs with innovative
construction and design material combinations” are a necessary accessory to
a season deemed as lifeless, dark and in need of an awakening.


The beret has been used to embody various personas throughout history —
from political – aesthetic. This flat, round and visorless unisex hat has
been at its peek throughout all seasons since June 2017 and is still
applicable this winter. “Options for wearing the beret include set back on
the head (halo style), flat on the head (pancake style), pulled down
covering the ears (winter version), dipping diagonally to one side (fashion
style), or pulling over the eyes for sleeping (oversized practical type).”


Knits have always been a necessity for winter, whether it be a turtleneck,
cardigan or jumper these interweaven garments are guaranteed to keep one
warm and stylish. These with different knit/pattern styles and warm colours
are ideal for most winter days.


On days where summoning the boss lady is a preferred choice, monochromatic
suits are ideal as they flow nicely in (colour) alignment. These are easy
to put together as the colour and pattern scheme of the garment(s) is the
same head-to-toe. Simple yet sophisticated these depict a perception that a
lot of time was/is invested in putting an outfit together whilst it is not.

Winter is cold but this does not mean that dressing up is not a priority.
These trends will better equip you with guidelines on which trends to jump
on this winter.

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