January 23, 2021

Twitter Roast Ntukza: ‘He Is Not A Celebrity’

Ntukza’s name has been dragged to Kolisi’s spotlight.

Ntukza’s/Hip Hop artist and former member of Tear Gas. Image from Facebook

By Modumo Mokonoto

On Monday, Siya Kolisi’s wife,Rachel took to social media again to ask her followers to help her find a woman who allegedly sent her husband an explicit image.

The post has since created a stir on social media. One of the users  who happens to be Ntukza’s wife, reacted to the post by stating how hard it is dating someone who is in the Entertainment industry and ladies should stop following them because they have made up their made.
Take a look at post that has been deleted from her account

The post agained alot of interest and some diggings were done to find out who she was referring to. The outcome of the research was that she is married to Ntukza, former member of a music group that was called ‘TearGas’.
This is how people on social media reacted after the investigation.

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