Crèche Teacher Arrested for beating a sick child

A video of  crèche Teacher slapping a young girl has got Mzansi fuming.

By staff Reporter

A woman who was filmed assaulting a young girl child at a Carletonville crèche has been arrested, Confirmed the Police.

Sowetan reports that arrest was made after a fellow teacher opened a case against her last week. The video which is making rounds on social media shows the woman slapping the girl on the head.

The video has since caused a public outrage and people want the crèche to be closed. The woman appeared in court on March 28, confirmed Carletonville police Spokesperson Warrant Officer Peter Masooa.

Furthermore, Masooa said the woman had been remanded in custody while investigations continue. 

In the video the woman Wearing a blue jean is seen smacking the young girl oh her buttocks. Then she tells her to continue cleaning the table and chair.
“Why are you vomiting? Why?” the teacher repeatedly ask the girl. The girl did not respond but continued cleaning.  The teacher went to fetch a tissue which she throwed on the wet table and told the little one to wipe her face. While she’s doing so, the  teacher is seen slapping her on the face continuously.

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