January 26, 2021

Mshoza: ‘I’m Ixpensive, Think Before You Ask Me Out’

Kwaito star Mshoza want people to know that she only dates rich men.

(Image: Mshoza/Instagram)

By Thabiso M

South African musician and media personality Mshoza have taken to the streets of social media to warn potentials not to bother texting her if they have less than a million in their accounts.

The video has since gone viral on social media. She mentioned that to see her naked self, you should expect to cough out half a million.

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“Guys, with all respect guys. Don’t just randomly ask people out without first checking if they are on the same standard,” she began.

“You can’t come to me honestly and expect that you will give me R5,000 as a girlfriend allowance. I mean, my monthly face cream alone is R6,000. So you can’t think that you are going to walk around telling people that I’m your woman when you give me R5,000. No. Please think about it,” she lectured.

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