January 23, 2021

VOICES | Motlanthe Urges Youth To Use Digital Advantage

Former president Kgalema Motlanthe has urged the youth of this country to rise to the occasion and jump into the boat of technological advancement currently sweeping through.

(Photo: Former president Kgalema Motlanthe. Picture: SOWETAN)
Opinion Article By Tiyani Solly Mabunda

Speaking at the youth expo one Sunday evening Motlanthe said, “South Africans should not be afraid of the fourth industrial revolution since its aim is to improve the quality of life and not to take away jobs…”

The former president like many of our leaders has joined in the campaign by his government to show deep concern for the decline in youth support and trust in the ruling party.

The youth, on the other hand, seems to have heard it with all the promises, slogans and conjunctures
without any sign of ever succeeding in implementation, action, and results. Coming back to his speech, it may seem pragmatic to highlight the advantages of technology in the job creation process.

However, the most fundamental issues such as the unaffordability of data are often ignored. How easy can access to technological tools be for the many struggling youths of our country many of whom are still affected by the price of bread if data is still this expensive?

With NYDA’s Mtsweni in the mouth of Ramaphosa these days during the youth day celebrations in
Polokwane and many other days. Seemingly, there is a lot of oblivion about the outcry of the youths out there who feels the agency has not provided them with the necessary assistance.

Every time he speaks about the achievements of the agency on television only one or two of their happy candidates’ cases are made public.

Nothing is said about all the others whose needs have not been met. The elections ended and so underperformance by office bearers has to get back to gear once more. Only time will tell if it has to do with lack of interest to participate in building the economy of this country by the youth or maybe it is just the unfitness or both.

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