January 26, 2021

VOICES | Democracy is not what spoils kids

We have heard of many instances in the media whereby school children attack their teachers. Some of the educators die at the hands of learners. 

(Photo: Democracy Artwork By ScienceABC)

Opinion Article By Solam Yves Ludidi

Since the abolishment of corporal punishment in South Africa, many individuals (parents in particular) are blaming democracy as the major cause of uncontrollable children.

A child is not born bad or defiant, lazy, rude or disrespectful, but becomes so as a result of circumstances which come his or her way. Where there is no parental guidance within the family structure, children could easily find themselves plunging into a world of confusion, or in the company of human beings who behave in an atavistic fashion. Charity begins at home, but many parents are not strong enough to deal with their children’s odd behavior, and in many cases are the cause of it.

Parents can’t expect teachers to instill discipline to their children. Hence they fail to prepare them in early childhood, to be responsible adults. A child’s exemplary character measures the value of a real parent. So, I totally disagree with those parents who blame democracy for children who do not conform to socially accepted standards. The problem lies in the fact that children are misguided by their parents’ actions.

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