January 24, 2021

VOICES | Physical abuse is genderless or sexism

Since the dawn of democracy, we have heard of many campaigns against women abuse. We have forgotten that women can also hurt men. There are wives, for example, who victimize their husbands for losing their jobs.

(Photo: OurWatch.org)

Opinion article by Solam Yves Ludidi

When their husbands no longer put food on the table or pay the bills, women start seeing them as useless. And in some cases, women who struggle to move on after a break-up, end up assaulting their exes when they see them with someone else.
A few days ago, my new girlfriend and I had gone to a clinic to take her child for a check-up. Unfortunately, my baby mama showed up at the health center. She caused a scene and punched me in the face, right in front of other patients. The baby mama explained she assaulted me because I did not spend quality time with my five-year-old son, on Father’s Day.
Physical abuse knows no boundaries. It can happen to anybody regardless of gender. In South Africa, when a man hits a woman it is called “taking advantage of the physically weak”. But when a woman does the same thing, it is taken lightly.

We need to change our mindset and campaign against men abuse. Men are also human and have feelings just like women. In reality, the battle against physical abuse only empowers and protects women, as it is called domestic violence.

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