January 17, 2021

President Ramaphosa To Respond To The SONA Debate.

President Ramaphosa will today, 26 June 2019, respond to the Debate on the State of the Nation (SONA) in Parliament, Cape Town.

(Photo, President Cyril Ramaphosa giving the State of The Nation Address on 20 June 2019. Picture Screenshot by Insideeducation)

Marie Moima

President Ramaphosa delivered the State of the Nation on 20 June 2019, where he focused on economic development by tackling poverty, inequality and youth unemployment. The President of South Africa outlined seven key priorities for the greater impact and actions in turning and moving South Africa forward.

The main key points were:

  • The economic transformation and job creation
  • Education, skills, and health
  • Consolidating the social wage through reliable and quality basic service
  • Spatial integration, human settlement and local government
  • Social cohesion and safe communities
  • A better Africa and World

Opposition parties spared no blows during the State of the Nation Address Debate, criticising Ramaphosa for dreaming without detailed plans in place as to how is he going tackle challenges of unemployment, corruption and economic transformation.

Ramaphosa will respond to the Debate of the State of the National Address that took place in Parliament yesterday. The President SONA reply will start at 14h00

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