January 25, 2021

VOICES | Limpopo Accidents raises many Questions

(Photo, A car recently involved in an accident. Picture ©AP images/European Unin-EP)

Tiyani Solly Mabunda

Over three different cases of car accidents were reported in Limpopo only during the June 15th weekend. One major accident that happened at the R81 near Ga-Rapitse village towards Giyani is said to have claimed 24 lives.

This came after the youth celebration attendees were dispersing home. Amongst the casualties are two Magashoa sisters who happened to have been on the same bus when it collided head-on with another vehicle.

Two more accidents took place in Giyani and Phalaborwa respectively over that same weekend all of which had also had their share of casualties. Both the president and the transport minister have expressed their deepest condolences to the families affected.

Minister Fikile Mbalula also appeared to be shocked by the three car accidents. Speaking to the Mohashoa family, he promised to attend the funeral in order to show government support.

These three accidents raised a lot of questions and stimulated in Limpopo. It has made too many people question if the drivers were in a state that is acceptable to the laws of the country governing our roads.

In this country, there is a tendency for drunken driving, especially during national holidays. But, obviously not every driver involved in an accident would be drunk. It could have been one drunken driver between the two in Ga-Rapitse village and also the one in Giyani and Phalaborwa. Maybe it was just an accident where nobody can ever get to know what really happened.

(Photo, A car recently involved in an accident. Picture ©AP images/European Unin-EP)

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