January 26, 2021

Sho Madjozi, Pearl Thusi, Baby Kairo Dragged Over ‘Light Privilege’

Social media scrutinize Sho Madjozi, Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle’s daughter Baby Kairo over what they call ‘Light Skin’ privilege.

(Photo, South African Actress, Pearl Thusi. Picture by Jacques Weyers)

Hashdon Mag

DJ Zintle, mother of a famous little Kairo is concerned over her baby’s ‘light skin’ look after social media drags Pearl Thusi and Madjozi’s success as a privilege of their light skin. Madjozi and Peal are famous South African musician and actress respectively.
“So what are we saying here guys? What can my light skinned friend [Pearl Thusi] do to make this right? Not go after her dreams? Also, did she choose to look the way she does? Already worried my my Kairo,” asks DJ Zinhle on her 2.75 million followers on Twitter.
In a series of tweets, Madjozi addressed her views on the matter. “Sometimes women won’t be given a chance unless they’re light skinned, half-naked, have a big boody (but with a small waist,) wear a weave etc. not just in the entertainment industry but in corporate and other spaces as well” writes Sho Majozi.

Pearl also addressed the issue on her social pages. The television host, and radio personality agreed that the so-called ‘Colourism’ which in this sense is tackled as ‘light skin privilege’ exists.

“Colourism is real guys. I have dark skinned family members. I saw it happen in my own home. It sucks. But please don’t blame me for it. Help me be part of the solution. I will not let you think my skin tone mean I’m a target for your bullying. I will fight back. Count on that,” Pearl Thusi writes. 

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