January 28, 2021

VOICES | ‘The downfall of many men’

Opinion Article By Solam Yves Ludidi

(Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky from Pexels)

If making love to your intimate partner becomes an unavoidable problem, there is a solution to it. According to Edward Parker, the motivational speaker and counsellor of the Prostate and Cancer Support Group (PCSG), a man’s egocentric nature is his manhood. Dissatisfying a woman sexually, is what he calls a painful, limited prospect of the wounded ego. 
Only a few men, however, know that a prostate disorder is the main cause of the violation of a man’s (sexual) nature. As he puts it: “At some point in life, the vast majority of men experience depressing dysfunctional sexual desire and performance. These, among others, include weak erection and early ejaculation which have led to the downfall of many men. Therefore, I established PCSG to help my fellow brothers.”
Parker from Ennerdale, explained that the prostate is a gland surrounding the neck of the bladder in men, which is responsible for the secretion of semen. It’s normal size is that of a walnut. Once it grows to an unhealthy size, that’s when the problem begins. He further noted that there are two types of prostate disorders, namely, Acute and Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, and Chronic Prostatitis (non-bacterial).
“Regardless of the type of prostate disorder one might have, a sexual problem is a very serious problem. Marriages fall apart, or people get stuck in fake marriages leading to cheating. As a matter of fact, people who have no healthy way to express themselves, their emotions become problematic. In the case of weak sexual performance, anger, sadness, hurt and jealousy become essential modes of communication. This causes people to do all sorts of bad things.”
He mentioned that one of his clients is a filthy rich young businessman, whose wife left him deeply wounded because he could not do a proper job between the sheets. The youngman’s wife humiliated her husband in front of his friends and relatives. This was her devastating statement: ‘You keep yourself better than the next person, because you have money, and yet you are useless in bed.’
“The wife left him with his wealth and everything, because money can’t buy love. He was on the verge of committing suicide until I met him at church,” said Parker.
Statistics show that in Britain alone, over 1 million man are taking erectile dysfunction medications. But Parker is adamant that libido boosters such as Viagra, Rock Hard, Mojo Nights, Lightening Rod, Black Mamba and Bullet Proof can make one’s sex life non-existent. He says they are not life-savers to combat problems in the bedroom, as there are side effects to learn about. He recommends that couples should seek counselling or visit a doctor.
“Although it is not 100 percent medically researched what causes the prostate enlargement, it is a very common form of diagnosis in men from the age of 35. If left unchecked, the prostate is definitely powerful enough to bring men to their knees. So, let the sex talk begin, in order to help the sexually weak to live happily ever after,” added Parker.

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