January 19, 2021

VOICES | Mazwai’s racist conduct a shame

Opinion Article By Solam Yves Ludidi

It’s disgusting that in this day-and-age South Africa still has racist people. I was heartbroken by the news of a racist woman, who allegedly pushed Bonnie Mbuli’s son off his bicycle. The television personality was quoted in the Sunday World newspaper, dated 28 July, as saying: “On the weekend, a woman pushed my nine-year-old son off his bike on the prom and told him to ‘go ride where you belong'”
Mbuli believes that “racists don’t realise that racism is a cancer in itself, that destroys the host faster than anyone it oppresses, it turns people into monsters who destroy their own lives”. I fully agree with her, simply because an abusive behaviour towards members of another race, is a mental ability for self-destruction. What happened to the late AWB leader, Eugene Terreblanche, was a case in point.
Terreblanche passed away in a terrible manner, of which his death was a result of his maniac behaviour towards a young black boy. I don’t say people should kill one another over racial issues. What I mean is that racism is a serious problem that could lead to violence. As Mbuli is convinced that should she had found the perpetrator, she could have offered the culprit her free hands and was supposed to be in jail.
The latest saga on the same page here, is that of poet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai, which was posted on EBNewsDaily last week Thursday. She crushed the SABC Morning Live host Leanne Manas, for celebrating 15 years as news anchor at SABC. “I think she is just white and enjoying the privilege. She can’t even speak indigenous languages. She is not African,” said Mazwai. 
As a non-racial South African, I regard her racist conduct as a shameful display of low self-esteem.

Mazwai places expediency above principle. For me she is a self-seeking individual in terms of effecting a purpose for attention. I mean, what does Leanne’s skin colour have to do with her 15-year career journey celebration? Is it perhaps a matter of jealousy for Leanne’s success? 
The very same attitude she displays towards others, could have a negative impact on her career some day. Her racist remarks are spiritually devastating, because as an African woman she should know for a fact that ‘umntu ngumntu ngabantu’. Which is loosely translated: a person becomes a better person through the support of others. 
The poet acts like a person who was raised in a box. So, she needs to get out of that cage and learn to appreciate other women, so that she could explore the beauty of sisterly love at large. After all, it’s women’s month and they should be supportive of one another. Makube njalo maqobokazana!

Main Image: Ntsiki Mazwai | Image: Instagram

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