January 23, 2021

TRENDS | Is DJ Coach, Tsekeleke AKA Broker Killer A FAKE?

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Renowned Forex Trader Kgopotso Mmutlane made shocking statements when he admits on SABC Radio 2000 that he’s not yet a millionaire!

(Picture, Kgopotso Mmutlane standing on the car. ©  Photo: Instagram/@forexbrokerkiller)

Broker Killer shocked his followers when he admits on national radio that’s he’s only ‘hustling’ and not yet a millionaire. ‘Tsekeleke’ who’s known for his ‘One Minute Strategy’ forex trading technique told the Phat Joe and the Family hosts that he’s only ‘a millionaire under construction’.

Why is this News?

DJ Coach and the team are known for publicly displaying their lavish and luxurious lifestyle showing off cars, houses, and money on their social media accounts – which are associated with their forex trading lifestyle. Thousands of young South Africans have invested a lump sum of cash in an attempt to live the same lifestyle as displayed by similar mentors.

Despite many users who keep arguing that their lifestyle is ‘fake’ and ‘scammy’, Coach keeps throwing more statement to showcase that he really owns the stuff he has.

Tsekeleke’s denial to be a millionaire raises many questions to the current lifestyle he lives and the properties he showcases as his. The houses and cars displayed on the social media pages are in general-knowledge a couple of millions rands.

Here’s what the interview unpacked

22 Cars? ‘I don’t have 22 hands’.

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Kgopotso told the Radio 2000 listeners that he doesn’t own the 22 cars. He counts cars as a collection, including those of his parents, family, and partners. “The whole story is to inspire and not to impress”, Tsekeleke said.

How much is DJ coach making on Forex?

According to Coach, he only makes about a thousand – and when things go right, even ten thousands rands. Another skeptical figure to someone who’s seen trading Live and making tons of cash on videos shared on their pages. This also raises concern to the legitimacy of his trading videos and the values showing.

Why is the show called FBK Millionaires?

The name was suggested by the TV channel, and not by the FBK reality star. The 24-year-old trader told the listeners. “It’s the channel that decides on the name and stuff, but they know our version that we are millionaire under construction”,

Considering the platform standard of the SABCRadio 2000 –  being one of the national radio broadcasting stations, it would surely not be wise to tell recorded lies. It is sure easy to lie on the streets and social media. 

Why Did The FBK Milionares Reality Show Get Canceled? 

Moja Love TV canceled the reality tv show without notice. Fans and followers of the show got shocked when seeing that the upcoming series will not be aired anymore.

In defense, Tsekeleke told his followers that the show was canceled because they lost their record tapes of the shows and did not have time to record others.

Click To Watch to the full interview on Radio 2000 with DJ Coach Tsekeleke

What’s your take? 

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