January 26, 2021

VOICES | Private schools remain the best

By Solam Yves Ludidi

Just the other day I was listening to a particular radio station, whose radio presenter asked listeners: “Do you think that children in private schools are smart than those in public schools?” For me, it is not a matter of being smart rather than the fact, that independent schools offer quality education. 
Despite this latter, I personally had the first-hand experience of a bad education system in public schools. Such as improper conduct of educators, teacher absenteeism, striking scholars, lack of career guidance and exercise tests, among other things. These are some of the problems that compel considerate parents, to choose first-class education for their children’s future in private schools.

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It was when my parents enrolled me in a combined independent school, that I had escaped my misery. My new learning condition was exciting because I was introduced to a dedicated qualified staff body. This included a safe schooling environment and a strong sense of belonging. And the teachers were committed to educating excellence.
In a report by Marius Roodt (Tackling Crisis in SA Education, Pretoria News, May 24, 2018) – a criticism of South African private schools is that they are simply “Etons-on-the-veld” and available to the elite. But according to researcher and public speaker Mduduzi Mbiza, the issue does not center around how rich an education system is. “In addition to this, Statistics South Africa’s 2013 general household survey cited teacher-related issues, as the top challenge facing public schools”.

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I fully agree with Mduduzi, because many state-controlled school teachers have below-basic levels of content knowledge. High proportions of them are unable to answer questions aimed at them by their pupils. Adding to that is the fact that there are plenty of poor parents who had managed to place their children in self-governed schools. Therefore, it is inexcusable to put the blame on the wealth or socioeconomic status of parents. 
The performance of public school teachers can be described as abysmal, hence there is a dire need rof improving our public schools’ education system. And that could only be possible when the government finally decides to implement a drastic course of action – against the so-called pedagogy.

(Main Picture by  Christina Morillo /Pexels)

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