January 18, 2021

The Fergusons To Sue Actress Vatiswa Ndara

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The Fergusons are exploring legal option to sue the actress Vatiswa Ndara after the letter she wrote to the minister.

(Picture: Connie and Shona Ferguson, Owner of the Fergusons Films.  Image © : Twitter/PhilMphela )
By EBNewsDaily
The Igazi star, Vatiswa Ndara wrote an open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture Nathi Mthethwa.
In the letter Vatiswa detailed how she feels artists are being exploited in their field. The letter trended and received much support from the general public.
I come forth, not as a ‘clever black’ seeking relevance, as it does not deliver a dine nor does it stand to benefit me”, Vatiswa wrote.
“At the risk of public shame, humiliation and salacious headlines, not to mention alienation from my peers and possible blacklisting from the powers that be in the sector.
“I humble myself in expressing the truth of my experience in the arts and entertainment industry and publically exposing the depth of my frustrated and broken spirit”, the actress incited.

Unfair Contractual Agreements & Expectations, Pure Remuneration, Unfair Treatment by Producers and Bullying were among some of the major topics she covered on the letter.
Reports say that the company the actress worked for, the Fergusons Films, are exploring legal ways to sue the actress following her letter.
“The allegations made in the letter regarding our client are wrongful and published with the intention of causing our client harm” quoted the Fergusons lawyer Brendon De Kooker by Entertainment reporter Phil Mphela
“Their issue of contention will be the statements they deem as personal attacks from the open letter.”

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