January 17, 2021

VOICES | The beauty of believing in ourselves

By Solam Yves Ludidi

Some people believe they are worth nothing to live. But in the eyes of The Lord everybody is somebody. In other words, being in a worrying situation is not the end of the world.
Scripture teaches us that sometimes God will allow us to go through difficulties, so that his glory could be revealed. A person could be a hobo, for example, but when we believe in God’s riches within each one of us – we tend to live up to our own fate.
The creator of all things always offers a chance and opportunity. Emily Zamourka’s touching story is a living testimony.
The 52-year-old homeless opera singer from Los Angeles, has been offered a record deal by producer Joel Diamond. This is the man who has produced songs for David Hasselhoff of the Knight Rider fame. Her incredible tale was posted on Classic FM website on October 7. “Despite living on the streets, talented soprano Emily Zamourka liked to keep her spirits high through music.
“And decided to give an impromptu performance of ‘O mio babbino caro’ in the city’s Metro Station. Since a video of her performance was shared by an LAPD officer, on Twitter last Friday, it has had more than 974 000 views. And users of the platform can’t seem to get enough of her beautiful voice.”
As children of the universe we were all born with natural gifts. However, some of us easily give up on their dreams or give in to their spiritually devastating circumstances. And that is a wrong thing to do hence we live for a reason.
Emily’s impressive development is proof enough that The Almighty is a miraculous God. Her determination is teaching us a lesson that, when times get tough we should never give up but rather believe in ourselves. Anything worthwhile takes time and requires some serious energy, dedication and sacrifice. Because life rewards those who are willing to keep pushing themselves, regardless of what limits are presented to them
Once we discover our real purpose in life, we can also learn how much potential God has stored inside of us. Regardless of her dire situation, Emily has fulfilled God’s purpose simply because of believing in herself.

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