January 26, 2021

Gauteng schools’ backlash over placements

picture: Queues at one of the Gauteng education department district offices.ChefKat-Molefe/Twitter

Many parents have visited schools where their children are supposed to be learners in on Monday. This follows a backlog of 34000 learners who did not receive acceptance in those respective schools.

Since the inception of the new online registration system in Gauteng schools whiich gives learners an option to either register online or follow the old paper registration process.

However, parents woke up to an unexpected setback where some of the learners who applied didn’t get a placing on the schools. They received Sms’s asking them to come to those schools where they were told to either register their children at other schools where there were still openings or fill in appeal forms. 

Some parents were complaining blaiming the system for failing them while some have been expressing they want to return to the old one. Mec for education in Gauteng, Mr Panyaza Lesufi spoke to the news and said all of this will be resolved before the end of November since there has been an extension for reapplying up to until the 30th this month

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