January 20, 2021

Black Friday 2019: Stores That Have Released Their Specials

Black Friday is around the corner and shops have already started releasing their deals so that you are well prepared and know exactly what to shop for.

Let’s look at some of the stores that will be running massive specials this Black Friday.


Macro is running a five-day Black Fridaypromotion named “Black 5 Day” from 27 November – 1 December, with big price cuts on over 26,000 products.

View the catalogue here.


Retail giant Woolworths is running a massive Black Friday sale which started on Friday, 22 November.

The sale is on beauty items, footwear, fashion, homeware, handbags, and accessories – basically everything.

Here is the catalogue


Clicks’ countdown to Black Friday sale has already started. Some of the items are on 50% special. This includes beauty products, fragrances, kitchen appliances, beauty electronics, deodorants, and baby products

Click here for the catalogue


Takealot’s 2019 Blue Dot Sale takes place from 29 November to 3 December, but the company has started to unveil its first deals as part of its Early Access Sale.

All the deals can be accessed on Takealot’s mobile app.

Checkers and Shoprite

Shoprite has announced that it will hold a big Black Friday sale this year at Shoprite and Checkers stores.


Online PC retailer Newegg has launched a Black Friday pre-sale, which is available on its South African storefront.

The sale includes discounts on CPUs, graphics cards, SSDs, power supplies, cases, and more.

Telkom is running a Black Fridaycompetition where customers can win a projected prize of 500GB mobile data.

To enter the competition, Telkom customers must provide their details so that they can receive notifications about Telkom’s Black Friday deals when they launch.

Each entry into this competition will contribute 50MB towards the winner’s data pool, and Telkom believes this will culminate in about 500GB of data being given to the winner.

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