Fuel prices drop on Wednesday

imagr: REUTERS

South African motorists will pay a little less for fuel on Wednesday.

Department of Energy spokesperson Robert Maake said that the reason for the decrease in fuel price is due to the “lower crude oil price in October in comparison to the September price”. 

“In October the average price was around $59.73 a barrel whereas in September it was $62.96 on average.”

Petrol will go down by 13 cents a litre and diesel goes down by between 14 and 16 cents. 

“The slate levy remains at zero as there were no changes on the slate levy,” Maake said. 

“On the other side, the rand, even though it appreciated against the dollar in October, when you compare the average for October with the one for September, it was still higher with the result it robbed consumers of about four cents a litre on both petrol and diesel.”