January 20, 2021

Stage 8 load shedding not expected, but is planned for | ESKOM

There is not stage 8 now but Eskom has plans for it.

Don’t expect load shedding stage 8 but there are plans for it, Eskom warns.

Eskom dismissed reports that say load shedding stage 8 is imminent. Such reports are erroneous and incorrect, Eskom said on Tuesday morning.

“Eskom’s obligations in terms of the Disaster Management Act, we are required to develop contingency plans for identified major incidents,” Eskom wrote in a statement.

“After 2015, Eskom and the municipalities identified the need to extend the planning in place related to the number of stages of load shedding and the national code was subsequently updated after significant engagement with stakeholders in 2016/17,

“In compliance with NRS048-9-2, Eskom and most municipal supplies have developed load shedding schedules that cater for stages 1 to 8”.

Will there be load shedding stage 8?

Eskom did not dismiss the possibilities of stage 8 load shedding. They, however, announced it as a plan but not an imminent contingency at the moment.

What is load shedding stage 8?

Stage 8 allows for 8 000MW to be shed from the grid. This is double the amount allocated to Stage 4.

Stage 4 normally cuts power for a total of 24 hours spread out over four days, or a total of 48 hours over eight days. Stage 8 doubles that.

Government plan to stop loadsheding?

As reported by Fin24, Eskom crisis, jobs top ANC’s priority list, Ramaphosa vows

The government won’t allow Eskom to fail, Ramaphosa said. The utility is saddled with debts of about R450bn and depends on state bailouts to operate, weighing on public finances.

“Eskom is too big to fail,” he said.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will restore Eskom.”

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