January 23, 2021

Lasizwe Is Done With Men: ‘Men are stress yoh!’

image: Lasizwe/Twitter

South African media personality and YouTuber, Lasizwe Dambuza says he’s done with men.

Lasizwe took to social media to share this sentiment and added that he might just start dating women because men are stress.

“From today I’m straight, men are a stress! Yoh! Ha.a!

Where the ladies at!?”

The comment section was filled with replies from both men and women. some of the guys stated that Lasizwe should give the gender a second chance.

Lasizwe having a ‘thing with Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie

YouTuber Lasizwe and Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie, started making headlines after they were spotted together at the 10th annual Feather Awards.

The pair have since been sharing cozy images and videos of themselves hanging out together, much to the confusion of fans who questioned whether the two were an item. However, the two were avoiding to give the “Yes we are dating” answer.

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