January 19, 2021

Grammy Nominations Were Allegedly Forged

The Grammy Awards Nominations, the biggest and most anticipated ceremony of all time were allegedly rigged.

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EBNewsDaily reported on Thursday about The Grammy Awards 2020 Nominations List; the list was apparently forged.

There has been drama up-to-the-minute surrounding the Grammy nomination votes. Deborah Dugen, the Chief Executive body of the Grammy has been suspended.

She came out and spoken for the first time; coming out and telling the world some of the shocking news ever. Deborah said she had evidence of “serious irregularities in the voting”. She was suspended last week.

Speaking to ABC News, she said: “I was trying at each step to take a deep breath and say, ‘OK, I can make a difference, I can fix this, I can work with this team.”

Grammy Awards rigged

The Grammy said that they have launched two independent investigations into the complaints that were made by Dugan as well as those that were made against her.

ABC also reported that Deborah also delineated an incident where an unidentified artist and their representative sat on the nominating committee for the song of the year category in 2019.

As a result, she claimed, that artist ended up on the shortlist ahead of acts like Eminem and Beyoncé.

Dugan did not want to name the musician who had been promoted to the shortlist to protect their “privacy” and “integrity”, but argued that artists “deserve better” than the current system.

This sparked a lot tension on the socials about how the industry is not fair to other artists who are trying their best to make it to the scene without having any sort of connections.

UPDATE: Grammys Deny Claims of Nomination Voting Corruption

Bill Freimuth, The Recording Academy’s Chief Awards Officer, says that Deborah Dugan’s claims of a biased nomination process are “categorically false, misleading and wrong.”


It is the goal of the Recording Academy to ensure the GRAMMY Awards process is led in a fair and ethical manner and that voting members make their choices based solely on the artistic excellence and technical merits of eligible recordings.

Spurious allegations claiming members or committees use our process to push forward nominations for artists they have relationships with are categorically false, misleading and wrong. This process is strictly enforced with everyone involved and has no exceptions.

The Nomination Review Committees are made up of a diverse group of current and relevant music creators with a high level of expertise in their respective genres. These committee members are all Voting Members. Committees are built by the Chair in consultation with the President/CEO and Chief Awards Officer using names submitted by all Academy Chapters. Many are Trustees. They are chosen weeks before the 1st round entry list is created so it is unknown whether any of the approved members will have been involved in a potential nomination. Because these committee members are at the top of their craft, and many members work with multiple artists, it is not unusual that some of the people in each room will end up with nominations from the first round.

There are strict rules in place to address any conflict of interest. Should a committee member qualify for a GRAMMY, they are required to leave the room for the entire listening session and are NOT allowed to vote in that category. Committee members do not know the ranking of any entry and the voting is by secret ballot. The committees are not confidential, but the committee members’ names are for the obvious reason of preventing lobbying from outside parties, therefore further protecting the integrity of the voting process. Everything relating to the nomination and voting processes is set up with the intention of protecting the integrity of the awards in order to recognize and celebrate artists’ excellence.

We remain fully committed to the integrity, transparency and robustness of the awards and look forward with excitement to celebrating the artists who deservingly receive them. We are acutely aware that many artists have worked a lifetime for this moment at music’s biggest night and it is them we want to focus on when we celebrate this weekend.

Grammy media statement

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