Zanda Zakuza Survives Car Crash

Singer zanda Zakuza

South African singer, Zanda Zakuza has revealed how she survived a car crash upon entering the new year, 2020.

The star took to Instagram to share photos of her car after the incident and also narrated the cause of the accident.

Sharing the photo, here’s what Zanda wrote;

“To God be to the glory for performing a miracle. We unfortunately hit a cow while driving on a dark road in Botswana last night, went 300m off road, crashed into a tree and got away with only a few broken fingers. I still don’t know how we made it out but we did and that’s all that matters!”

She added a fun fact about Botswana; “There are more cows in Botswana than there are people! 😊 🇧🇼 Trust Haus Of Dragon to enter into 2020 with a BANG!! 🐲😉❤️ thank you for the well wishes. I’ll be going home to recover.”

Zanda Zakuza's car headlight and bumper damaged by the accident.