January 19, 2021

REACTION: Social Media React To The Video of ‘Jesus In Northcliff’

Jesus in northcliff
Man proclaims to be Jesus in Northcliff, South Africa Johannesburg

EBNewsDaily reported about a video that surfaced online on Sunday, of a man claiming he was Jesus and he needed a lift to Northcliff. The man who was walking with his seemingly a girlfriend claimed he was going be crowned a king in Northcliff.

“Jesus is here, and is not white, are you taking him to North Cliff?,” The naked man is heard on the video asking a lift to Northcliff.

Kamo Semenya who reported the woman on video as lost announced that they found her at the hospital at Helen Joseph.

“Thank you so much for all the RT’sand dm’s we found her at Helen Joseph hospital, she’s still very disoriented. My family and I are eternally grateful to everyone that helped in finding Tumi. Thank you thank you thank you very much”

The whereabouts of the actual man who claimed to be Jesus is not yet confirmed.

Social Media Reaction:

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