High Chance of Loadshedding on Saturday, Eskom Warns

Loadshedding Eskom

After a three consecutive days without the power blackouts, Eskom has warned that there is a high chance of load shedding On Saturday. The power utility announced on Friday.

“..there is a high probability of loadshedding of Saturday. Should there be any deterioration in the system we may have to implement loadshedding at short notice,” Eskom said in a statement.

“We urge customers to help reduce demand and to use electricity

Eskom’s Tips To Residents To save electricity

  • Set air-conditioners average temperature at 23°C
  • Switch off your geysers over peak periods
  • Use the cold water tap rather than using the geyser every time
  • Set your swimming pool pump cycle to run twice a day, three hours at a time
  • At the end of the day, turn off computers, copiers, printers and fax machines at the switch

Ramaphosa’s Eight Points To Fix Eskom

Ramaphosa outlined the following points as a way to address the Eskom power outages:

  • A Section 34 Ministerial Determination will be issued shortly to give effect to the Integrated Resource Plan 2019, enabling the development of additional grid capacity from renewable energy, natural gas, hydro power, battery storage and coal.
  • We will initiate the procurement of emergency power from projects that can deliver electricity into the grid within 3 to 12 months from approval.
  • The National Energy Regulator will continue to register small scale distributed generation for own use of under 1 MW, for which no licence is required.
  • The National Energy Regulator will ensure that all applications by commercial and industrial users to produce electricity for own use above 1MW are processed within the prescribed 120 days. It should be noted that there is now no limit to installed capacity above 1MW.
  • We will open bid window 5 of the renewable energy IPP and work with producers to accelerate the completion of window 4 projects.
  • We will negotiate supplementary power purchase agreements to acquire additional capacity from existing wind and solar plants.
  • We will also put in place measures to enable municipalities in good financial standing to procure their own power from independent power producers.

UPDATE: Eskom Confirms Loadshedding Over Weekend

“Stage 2 rotational loadshedding will be implemented from 21:00 tonight until 06:00 on Sunday,” Eskom announced on Friday evening.