Nelson Mandela Foundation Slams De Klerk’s Utterances

CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sello Hatang, during the launch of a new Mandela Day strategy. Picture: @NelsonMandela/Twitter.

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) says it will continue to engage with FW de Klerk foundation on apartheid statement beyond their apology. NMF CEO Sello Hatang said on Power FM on Monday evening.

Hatang says they did not tolerate the remarks from the word go.

“When this matter came up last week before the parliamentary appeared, we repudiated the statement immediately when it came to our attention that Mr de Klerk made a comment that he did. It was unfortunate that it continued the way it did,” said Hatang on radio.


The NMF CEO dismissed efforts to take the matter into the court of law, saying it costs and they never intend to be acting as police.

“Where we have not been in total agreement with some on social media platforms is that the Nelson Mandela foundation must take this matter to court.

“It’s not really our mandate to always be acting like we are the police of speech and it shouldn’t be. It is unsustainable for any NGO to be expected to do this kind of work.

“It is costly to take these matters to court. That’s why we are saying don’t address the symptoms rather go to the root cause and deal with the laws also so that they are tightened up”

In a statement on Monday, the EFF rejected the foundation’s apology. The party said the apology lacked relevance.