Ramaphosa regrets SONA disruptions

Ramaphosa Full SONA 2020 Speech
Photo by GCIS

The most important statement by the President, the SONA, so dubbed in recent years had been waited for with bated breath by the whole country on Thursday evening.

The President has a chance once at the beginning of every year to outline plans the administration has in place for the country. Report of progress made the previous year, as well as achievements by the government all, have the golden opportunity on the podium.

At least an hour was wasted through bickering by some members in the house. Members of the EFF held the country in ransom as Ramaphosa was just about to begin with the address.

The EFf’s demands were among others that the president must fire Minister Pravin Gordhan and the ejection of former apartheid government president, FW de Klerk out of the house during the speech.

The ‘Red Berets’ chanted and sang in dissatisfaction until they walked out of Parliament house after which the SONA began.

Several political parties weighed in on the matter concerning the disruptions where they all expressed their disappointment with the way EFF conducted themselves.

Ramaphosa spoke to the media in Cape Town Friday morning at the Presidential golf challenge and expressed his disappointment with the members for the disruptions.

“For me, it was delay that was imposed not only on the MPs but on the people of SA. The people of SA in their homes and wherever they are, were waiting to hear the SONA.”