EFF wants borders to be tightened during Covid-19

Julius Malema
Photo, EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA

‘Ensure measures are in place to control access at the border during coronavirus,’ EFF says

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) slammed weak borders that allegedly allowed a group of Japanese in the country despite having their Visas revoked.

EFF said they were tipped-off about the incident and they activated relevant forces to track these individuals who subsequently traveled to Mozambique, where they disembarked and made way to South Africa.

The Red Berets further advised the government to ensure measures are in place to control access at the border during coronavirus.

Social media received the EFF statement with scrutiny, with others ‘puzzled’ that the EFF can be so vocal on border control issues. The EFF is widely known for the ‘no border’ policy which suggested the doing away or borders since they are regarded as a ‘colonial tool’ imposed by the colonizers.

EFF advocates for a one Africa without borders. ‘Africans cannot be foreigners in the African soil’, party leader Julius Malema said during the memorial of the late Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.

“Borders will not be there when the EFF is in government. If we speak decolonisation of education and other things, that must include the borders.” – Malema on 702 radio interview in April 2019 on the Eusebius McKaiser Show.

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