High volumes of commuters in JHB ahead of lockdown

As the countdown to lockdown approaches, long-distance taxi ranks such as the wanderers have been experiencing the highest volumes of commuters.

With most commuters heading to provinces such as the Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

These is taking place despite the government’s efforts to try and contain the spread.

Most people feel they rather be with their families during the next 3 weeks of the lockdown.

Meanwhile, SANTACO is worried this situation is impacting on the taxi industry negatively.

“The Minister is not really clear about how this is going to work. What it means is that only 10% of the total number of our taxis will be operational. Now, you are talking about 90% of whom are not sure about compensation. You are talking about the owner, the driver whose salaries largely depend on taxis taking passengers from one point to the other.”said Santaco’s Thabisi Mlelekwa.