Johannesburg Park Station Congested As People Flee To Homelands

Johannesburg Park Station. Photo by Langa Buyeye / Facebook

In fear of the looming country’s 21 days lockdown on Thursday evening, most Gauteng residents decided to leave to their countryside homes and villages to quarantine there.

Scenes from Johannesburg Park Station showed a congested crowds of people who are waiting for their transport amid the lockdown developments.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura warned residents not to leave to their rural homes and this would impose danger and increase cases in homelands.

”We are urging the people of Gauteng to remain in the province for the duration of the 21-day National Lockdown. By not remaining in the Province you run the risk of not only infecting others unaware, but also getting infected with covid-19,” Makhura warned.

Gauteng is the most hit provide with over 360 cases as indicated by the department of health.

South Africans will be expected to quarantine for 21 days in their homes of face consequences from Thursday midnight.

Government advised that going out will only be tolerated for buying groceries, seeking medical assistance with an appointment and when accessing banking facilities.

Pharmaceutical companies, some retails companies , medical staff, security personnel including police will be operational during the lockdown.